Public Sociology

According to Professor Michael Burawoy (UC Berkeley, Sociology), Public Sociology is one of four different types of sociology that also include: Professional, Policy, and Critical Sociology. Public Sociology happens when sociologists and different “publics” engage in dialogue, generate information and mutually learn from one another. The Department of Sociology in Maynooth University has a long standing and strong commitment  to public sociology and to various forms of public engagement and dialogue. These orient our work towards meaningful social contribution and making public the knowledge that academic sociology possesses.

Members of the department are closely linked with a number of key policy making institutions which provides another forum within which to disseminate our knowledge. They also frequently appear in the media to provide commentary and interpretation of the issues of the day, and contribute to programmes and documentaries. For more details on staff public and civic engagement, talks and media appearances, check out the sections below and the Public Engagement sub-page in the left-hand side box. 

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Talks and Conferences

You can find on our website, a list of past and upcoming events involving our department and staff members.