Turn to Teaching aims to promote diversity in the teaching profession through a series of social-justice orientated widening participation initiatives.

At the heart of the work, funded by the HEA , is a Level 6 programme, Think about Teaching Foundation Certificate, which aims to provides a critically reflexive space for a diverse student group to contemplate, identify and embark on meaningful and defined pathways towards careers as teachers in a range of educational sectors.  

The project is orientated by a set of values associated with transformative education and project development such as: dialogue; participation; critical reflexivity, collaboration; and care.

As Turn to Teaching moves into its second phase (2020-2023 and beyond), it seeks to embed the ground-breaking work of phase one (2017-20) into the structures and practices of collaborative and critical work within, and across, Maynooth University, schools, FE centres, community-based organisations, communities and wider society.