Eimear Conyard wins RDS National Craft Awards

Monday, September 15, 2014 - 00:00

Maynooth University student Eimear Conyard wins prestigious award at RDS National Craft Awards: The judging panel for the award assessed the craft awards under four headings: craftsmanship, design, creativity and presentation.

Epitomising the notion of craft as an art is jewellery award-winner Eimear Conyard, who also designs watches. “The idea that jewellery is not merely adornment, but also an object independent from the body, has been a driving force in my work as a jewellery and timepiece designer over the past 18 years,” says Conyard, who is based in Kilkenny.

“Making something functional does not mean it cannot be art. After all, art has a function for me, as it feeds my soul. As a crafts person and designer/maker, I ask the question: ‘Is it the art of the craft or the craft or the art?’” says Conyard.

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