Discussion with The Irish Environmental Network

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 13:00 to 15:00
CB3, Callan Building, North Campus

Discussion with
The Irish Environmental Network (IEN),
Communications & Development Officer, Niall Sargent

Tuesday 26th February 2019,  
1pm-3pm, CB3, Callan Building, North campus
The discussion will include -
      Your questions regarding environmental issues
       Further possible connections to career paths (work of the IEN groups)

Come and join the MU Environmental Society for an interactive discussion with Niall Sargent on the Tuesday 26th of February!!

Niall is the Communications and Development Officer at the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) and Editor of The Green News.
Niall has a background in journalism, specialising in data-led and investigative work on environmental issues.
Niall works on current campaigns run by the IEN and communicates with media sources to deliver policies, news and submissions to the public.

Niall is ready to answer any of your questions regarding environmental issues, and further possible connections to career paths (work of the IEN groups).
He is open to talk about his media and communication experience with the Green News also.
This is your unique opportunity to ask specific questions, that may help you to better understand and decide on your career development and future job.
Visit the IEN website https://ien.ie/ for more information on the organisation.
MU Environmental Society