Survey of Career Guidance in Ireland

Friday, May 25, 2018 - 14:15

The Minister for Education and Skills has launched a review of career guidance in Ireland. The review is being carried out by Indecon International Consultants and a public consultation on the review has been announced by the Department of Education and Skills  which can be viewed at the following link:

It is critical that the review reflects the inputs/views of you the students. Completion of the survey is requested by Friday 8th June 2018.  The survey can be accessed via the following dedicated link
Survey of Higher Level Students/Learners:

Students can alternatively complete the relevant  survey 'offline'.
A PDF version of the questionnaires for survey is available below for download.

Responses completed in this manner can be sent by e-mail to Dr Greg Swinand at Indecon -
or by post to
Dr Greg Swinand,
Indecon House,
4 Fitzwilliam Place,
Dublin 2.

Thank you very for your participation with this important review, which will have implications for the future direction of career guidance in Ireland.