What are Graduate Programmes?

Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 11:15
Graduate Programmes are structured employment programmes run mainly by large employers. They are usually two years in duration.  These programme provide the opportunity to learn and further develop the key skills needed to work in that particular organisation. Some graduates programmes require that you have studied particular subjects but a great many of them are open to "graduates of any discipline". This means that employers are more interested in the skills you have developed from your studies rather than the specific subjects you have studied.
You apply for graduate programmes while you are in final year (don't wait until you have finished your course, it will be too late for many opportunities at that stage).
Employers also advertise graduate jobs, graduate internship also entry level jobs. 
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 The closing dates for Graduate Jobs/ Graduate programmes/Graduate Internships also entry level jobs for 2022 and recent graduates being as early as October 2021.
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