Great success with the recent Irish Anthropology Day

Anthropologists from all over Ireland and Great Britain at the Irish Anthropology Day Conference
Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 11:00

On Thursday 19th May 2022, Maynooth University Anthropology together with The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI), along with colleagues from Queens University Belfast, were delighted to host the Irish Anthropology Day, a seminar dedicated to the anthropology on/of the island of Ireland.

David Shankland, RAI, speaking at the Irish Anthropology Day

This successful full day event, held in the historic centre of Dublin, showcased research on/of the island of Ireland and generated excellent discussions on the day.

David Prendergast, MU speaking at the Irish Anthropology Day

The event was part of a series of meetings featuring the anthropology of different country and regional traditions organized by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (past events included: French Anthropology Day, Polish Anthropology Day, Norwegian Anthropology Day, Anthropology in Austria Day, Brazilian Anthropology Day, and Social Anthropologies of the Welsh).

Conference Programme

Opening Remarks
David Shankland
(Director, RAI), Mark Maguire (Dean, Maynooth University), Hana Cervinkova (Head of the Department of Anthropology, Maynooth University)

Opening Lecture
Helena Wulff
(Stockholm University)
Irish Inspirations: Studying Dancers and Writers in a New Key 

Part 1 – Reflections
Lawrence Taylor
(Maynooth University)
An bhfaca tú riamh áit ar bith chomh iargúlta? (Have you ever seen a place so remote?): Reflections on moral geography at the edge of Ireland
Jamie Saris (Maynooth University)
An Anthropologist in Ireland Reflects on 25 years of Working Around the Irish Health Services

Part 2 – Discourse and Narrative
Steve Coleman
(Maynooth University)
The ethnography of discourse and the discourse of ethnography in Ireland
Hilary Leathem (Queen’s University Belfast)
Towards an Anthropology of History in Ireland
Karen Lane (St. Andrew’s University)
Shaping the Story of Place: Ethnographic Attention and the Anthropological Metanarrative
Matthew Gault (Queen’s University Belfast)
Stories and the ‘Troubles’ Memorial Landscape in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Part 3  –  Changing Landscapes I
Thomas Wilson
(Binghamton University)
From Large Farms to Little Dublins:  Culture and Class (revisited) in Suburban Eastern Ireland
Gordon Ramsey (Queen’s University Belfast)
The Good Thing About Sectarianism? An Intersectional Approach to Social Class and Sectarian Identity in Northern Ireland
David Prendergast (Maynooth University)
Thrills, Pills and Spills: The Trials and Tribulations of ‘Ageing-in-place’
Tanya Cassidy (Dublin City University)
Building Liquid Bridges Beyond Gender, Identity and Ambivalence

Part 4 – Changing Landscapes II
David Whyte
(University College London)
The End of Neoliberalism? Covid-19 and Catholic Nationalist Political Economy in the ‘Community Response’ in Ireland
Yomi Ogunsanya (Independent Scholar)
Towards an Anthropology of Direct Provision in Ireland: A Proposal
Chrissy Skelton (Maynooth University)
Race, Rescue, Rehome in Ireland: For the Love of Dog
Sean French (University of Cambridge)
The Role of Marching Bands in Loyalist Communities in Derry