Dr Lars Pforte


Lars has PhD in Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Geocomputation. Currently his area of interest lies in the representation theory of finite groups. Other areas of research include road safety analysis and urban airspace traffic management.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2020 McCarthy, T.; Pforte, L.; Burke, R. (2020) 'Fundamental elements of an urban UTM'. Aerospace, 7 . [Link] [DOI]
2018 Pforte L.; Murray J. (2018) 'The indecomposable symplectic and quadratic modules of the Klein-four group'. Journal of Algebra, 505 :92-124. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 Pforte, L. (2018) 'The vertices of the components of the permutation module induced from parabolic groups'. Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 55 (4):769-775. [DOI]
2017 Pforte, L; Brundson, C; Cahalane, C; Charlton, M (2017) 'Data imputation in a short-run space-time series: A Bayesian approach'. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, . https://doi.org/10.1177/0265813516688688 [Full-Text]
2017 Pforte, L. (2017) 'Extensions of simple modules for SL_3(2^f) and SU_3(2^f)'. Communications in Algebra, 45 (10):4210-4221. [DOI]
2015 Pforte, L. (2015) 'On the involution module module of PSU_3(2^{2f})'. Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 52 (2):527-544. [DOI]
2014 Pforte, L. (2014) 'A Technique for the Search for Vertices of the Components of a kG-Permutation Module'. Communications in Algebra, 43 (2):659-673. [DOI]
2013 Pforte, L. (2013) 'On the involution module of GL_n(2^f)'. Journal of Algebra, 396 :151-168. [DOI]
2012 Pforte, L. (2012) 'The ordinary characters of the involution module of SL_2(2^f)'. Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 112 (1):9-14. [DOI]
2011 Pforte, L. (2011) 'On the involution module of SL_2(2^ƒ)'. Journal of Group Theory, 14 (5):709-725. [DOI]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2014 Charlton, M., Brunsdon, C., Cahalane, C., and Pforte, L. (2014) GIScience 2014, Vienna Estimating missing data in hierarchical space-time series with a short temporal extent [Full-Text]

Technical Publication

Year Publication
2013 McCarthy T., Langenbach Z., Pforte L., and Lewis P. (2013) A review of design speed based on observed behaviour. [Technical Publication] [Link]
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