PCs and Laptops

The Library provides PCs which offer full access to the Internet, including access to your university e-mail account. These PCs also offer the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and are USB-disk enabled. You will need your username and password supplied by the Computer Centre to login to these PCs. Work can be saved to your personal drive on the student server.

Some PCs (called OPAC) are restricted to the campus intranet, allowing access to all services available on the campus network but are used particularly for searching the Library Catalogue.  The layout of PC’s in the Library is as follows:

On the Ground Floor there are 44 PCs in the open plan area.
On the 1st Floor there are 20 PCs.
On the 2nd Floor there are 22 PCs

There is 1 OPAC computer on the ground floor, 3 on the 1st floor and 3 on the 2nd floor. These are used for searching the Library Catalogue.