Clamping Appeals process

An Appeals process will operate in conjunction with APCOA Parking Ireland Ltd to enable vehicle owners to appeal against a clamping decision should they wish to do so.

Method of Appeal

Appeals may only be accepted in writing on the Clamping Appeals form to ensure the correctness of detail and facts relating to any particular appeal scenario. This also provides the most accurate means of tracking the communications throughout the life span of the appeal. 
Appeals will not be considered in the following cases:

  • Being late for work/lectures.
  • Inability to find a parking space.
  • Lack of knowledge about the parking regulations & rules on campus.
  • Disagreement with the principles of the system.
  • Leaving a self composed note/sign in the window.
  • Pay and Display fell on floor
  • Date and Time on ticket not visible

Appeals must be received within 21 days of infringement. Late appeals will not be considered.
  Clamping Appeal Form

Hard copies will also be available from the Traffic Management Office, contact

Completed appeals forms should be sent toTraffic Management Office, Clamping Appeals Committee, Room B3, Auxilia Building, North Campus.

An Appeals Committee representing Staff, Students, Security and Health and Safety has been formed to review clamping appeals on a monthly basis.

The Clamping Appeals Committee consists of

  • Ivan Griffin - General Services Manager
  • Lar Byrne - Traffic Office 
  • Leon Diop - Students Union President
  • John Kelly - Technician
  • Dr Créidhe O'Sullivan - Academic
  • Joan O’Riordan-Bruton - Administration - Fees & Grants

The committee will have the authority to overturn a clamping decision and refund the clamping fee if it so decides. If APCOA Parking Ireland are deemed to have been negligent in applying the clamp to the appellant's vehicle then APOCA will unequivocally refund the clamp fee to the individual.

Provision of supporting documentation and photos

On a monthly basis the Clamping Appeals committee will obtain the supporting documentation and photographic evidence from APCOA Parking Ireland for each clamping event being appealed to enable the committee make a decision on the outcome.

The decision of the Clamping Appeals Committee is final.