Inclusion in Higher Education: An International Perspective 

Monday, May 19, 2014 - 11:00 to 13:00
Phoenix Boardroom, Phoenix Building, North Campus

The Inclusive Learning Initiative and the Department of Adult and Community Education will host a seminar where US and Irish Higher Education Institutions will discuss providing access to and inclusion for students with intellectual disabilities in higher education. ​WCU also have an initiative entitled UP - University Participation Program which supports students with intellectual disabilities in higher education. They are doing a short tour of Ireland over the course of this week in May. The faculty liaison has contacted Saranne and they are very keen to visit the university and find out more about this pilot project aswell as connect with the university and ILI through shared learning experiences. 

In attendance will be  Dr Seb Prohn Outreach /Faculty Liaison, Dr Kelly Kelley, UP Consultant, Dr David Westling,UP Progam Director,three of the university students and eight natural supports on the program. Three of the UP students will be giving a short informal presentation and we will have all five students, some mentors and lecturers from the ILI in attendance to encourage and facilitate discussion. 

All ILI students, representatives, lecturers, natural supports, mentors, student classmates, university departments and campus support services are invited to attend this event. 
RSVP: Laura Burke, ILI Facilitator: