Managed Device Service

The Maynooth University IT Services Managed Device Service provides managed desktop and laptops to staff across MU and SPPU. This service enables the central management, administration, and maintenance of devices. 

Requesting the service:
All devices supplied by IT Services to staff are provided in a managed state by default. To order a new device:


Your university account provides you with access to Office 365 and its suite of applications, one of which is a calendar app. Office 365 Calendar is available to you via your university account, to help you organise your schedule effectively, create a shared calendar for your office or team and plan meetings more efficiently. This calendar can be accessed via the Outlook desktop app or Outlook Web App with your MU username and password.

Account and Password

IT Services provide accounts for all staff and students of Maynooth University (MU) and St. Patricks Pontifical University (SPPU). This service includes the creation and issue of new accounts, enabling and disabling existing accounts account security. 

Your login account is your unique identifier for accessing all university systems. It is made up of a username, password and an official University email address. 

Requesting the service:

Account Security and Access Management

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires two or more proofs of identty to grant you access to a system or service. This provides added security to your account, ensuring that it cannot be used without your knowledge. This additional security involves the verification of your identity using an additional factor, e.g. one factor may be something you know, such as a password or PIN, and the additional factor may be something your have, such as a smartphone. This prevents others from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an identity security solution that helps protect the university against cybersecurity threats by monitoring, detecting, and preventing unauthorised privileged access to resources. 

Requesting the service:
PAM solutions are applied to managed devices by default. 

File Sharing - Individual

Your university account provides you with access to Office 365 and its suite of applications, one of which is the Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that enables you to store your files, share them with others and access them from anywhere and on any device. We advise you to save your files to OneDrive if you don't plan on sharing them at all, if you plan to share files individually on a short terms basis, or if you can't identity a team site where your document belongs. 

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools provide a way to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Your university account provides you with access to Office 365 and its suite of applications, one of which is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace and a digital hub for teamwork and collaboration. It brings people, conversations and content together in one space. 

Requesting the service:
By default, all active staff and registered students with a University account will have access to Microsoft Teams. 

Hardware Procurement

Members of staff and researchers in receipt of grants, may purchase a range of IT equipment through IT Services. The University, under the Public Sector ICT framework, has single supplier agreements with several leading tech companies to assist you to fulfil your hardware and software requirements.

Requesting the service: