Dr Liz Oliver Visiting Maynooth University Law from the University of Leeds

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 00:00

Dr Liz Oliver is visiting Maynooth University Department of Law from the Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change at the University of Leeds.

Liz has research interests in EU, employment and equality law. She takes a socio-legal perspective and seeks to develop contextualised understandings of the law and legal issues. Liz has worked as a researcher on several empirical projects looking at aspects of EU mobility and continues to develop her empirical research in new directions. A current project looks at the role of equality and diversity professionals in realising the objectives of equality law. Whilst here in Maynooth, Liz will be working on a couple of papers; the first explores the implications of the introduction of employment tribunal fees in the UK and the second assesses the pregnancy and maternity rights of precarious workers.
Recent publications include:
With Stuart, M and Tomlinson. J. (2014) 'Equal pay bargaining in the UK local government sector' Journal of Industrial Relations 56 (2) 228-245.
(2014) 'Extended book review 'Linda Dickens (ed.), Making Employment Rights Effective: Issues of Enforcement and Compliance' Work Employment and Society 29 (1) 139-141.
(2012) 'Living Flexibly? How Europe's Science Researchers Manage Mobility, Fixed-Term Employment and Life Outside of Work' International Journal of Human Resource Management 23 (18) 3856-3871.