ElectroMaterials and Energy Research Group named in the Top 2% of Scientists Worldwide

Professor Carmel Breslin with the ElectroMaterials and Energy Research Group
Friday, November 24, 2023 - 22:00

Professor Carmel Breslin has been named in the 2023 Stanford University’s Top 2% of scientific researchers worldwide. This list, compiled by Stanford University and Elsevier, is considered to be one of the most prestigious worldwide rankings, accommodating various discipline citation practices. It serves as a testament to the global impact of her research work, the dedication of the talented researchers in her group and her network of international collaborators.

The Department of Chemistry would like to congratulate all members of the ElectroMaterials and Energy research group on this significant achievement, including

Dr. Daniele Alves,

Dr. Rupa Kasturi Palanisamy,

Dr. Sukanya Ramaraj,

Tian Yu,

Tara Barwa,

Yiran Luo,

Gillian Collins,

Luke Glennon,

Joe Monaghan,

Marilia Dalla Benetta,

Colm Ennis,

Conor Cassidy,

Aylin Ahmadinia

Carmel Breslin