ERC DANCING project hosts second DANCING Academic Conversation with Dr. Psychogiopoulou and Prof. Schoenmaekers

Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 09:30

On 7 December the European Research Council (ERC) funded research project ‘Protecting the Right to Culture of Persons with Disabilities and Enhancing Cultural Diversity through European Union Law: Exploring New Paths – DANCING’ hosted the second event in their series DANCING Academic Conversations.

The DANCING team welcomed Dr. Evangelia Psychogiopoulou from the University of the Peloponnese (Greece) and Prof. Sarah Schoenmaekers from Maastricht University (The Netherlands) for the presentation of their forthcoming co-edited volume ‘European Union Economic Law and Culture: Towards a European Culturally Corrected Market Economy’ (Edward Elgar).

The co-editors jointly introduced the volume and the questions addressed therein by their collaborators. Overarching are questions on which place culture holds in the European Union (EU) edifice and the long-standing concerns regarding the extent to which the Union’s economic policies can accommodate and embrace national (and regional) cultural preferences and whether (or not) there remains room for national (and regional) cultural policy-making in light of the Union’s preeminent economic focus. Thus, this book aims to provide fresh insight into the ways in which culture interconnects with and is treated by EU economic law and policy and considers the relevant nature, scope and extent of the competences of the EU and its Member States in the field of culture. In doing so, the book seeks to advance our understanding of the Union as a cultural market economy and to determine whether there is a need (and leeway) to adopt measures and strategies aimed at ‘cultural correction’.

The DANCING team were delighted to welcome attendees from the School of Law and Criminology at Maynooth University, other institutions in Ireland and from further afield in Europe to this blended edition of the Academic Conversations series.
The ERC DANCING project is based at the School of Law and Criminology and the Assisting Living and Learning (ALL) Institute at Maynooth University and is led by Principal Investigator Professor Delia Ferri.
Professor Ferri is Professor at Law and Co-Director of the ALL Institute at Maynooth University.