Steve McCarron - Gateways2 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 00:00

Keep up to date with Steve McCarron and the other researchers on the GATEWAYS 2 Project through the his blog

GATEWAYS 2 is a Marine Institute funded research campaign to the outer reaches of the Celtic Sea, on the Irish and UK shelf.  

The campaign intends to collect sediment cores and geophysical data (high resolution bathymetry) that will help this and other efforts (e.g.BRITICE-CHRONO) understand more about a number of things : the glaciation of Ireland and its offshore regions; the geochemistry and physical make-up of shelf sediments; and the health of marine ecosystems in these regions.  The campaign will be undertaken by research scientists from Maynooth University, GSI, OGS, BGS, DCU and the U. of Durham and students from Maynooth University and QUB.

The aim of the blog is to explain the goals of the multi-institutional and international research effort on board Ireland’s Marine Institute RV Celtic Explorer in Feb and March 2014