Who is allowed to register for External Repeat Exams?

External repeat exam registration is not envisaged in the new marks and standards and so is being phased out.

  • ​Students who started their current programme in September 2016 or later will always be on the new rules, and cannot repeat externally.
  • Student who started in 2015 or earlier, and who have been registered continuously, may repeat externally if external repeat registration is available for their modules.

In practice, this means:

Academic Year Internal Repeat Only External Repeat may be allowed if available in the module
2017/18 1st year repeats 2nd year repeats
3rd year repeats
4th year repeats
2018/19 1st year repeats
2nd year repeats
3rd year repeats
4th year repeats
2019/20 1st year repeats
2nd year repeats
3rd year repeats
4th year repeats
2020/21 All Students  


External Repeat Exam only student during the Academic term

  • Cost per Credit - If you register during the Academic term as an External Repeat student ONLY -  Fees cost is €58.00 per credit e.g. a 5 credit module will cost €290.00.


Autumn Supplemental Exams 

Autumn Supplemental Exams 2021/22 Academic year - Due to the unprecedented circumstances with the COVID-19 virus,  students required to sit Autumn Supplemental Exams in the 2021/22 Academic year will not be charged to sit their Autumn Supplemental Exams.  Details regarding registration will be available in due course on the Examinations Office website - https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/exams.  Wishing you every success in your Exams.

Autumn Supplemental Exams -  https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/exams/examinations-info.   Wishing you every success in your Supplemental Exams, Fees & Grants Office team.

  • Cost per Credit - External Repeat Fees cost €10.00 per credit (irrespective of method of assessment) e.g a 7.5 credit exam will cost €75.00.
  • Maximum Charge - Students repeating multiple exams will be liable to pay a maximum of €280.00 (e.g. a student repeating 4 x 7.5 credit exams will be charged €280.00). 
  • Minimum Charge - A minimum fee of €50.00 applies in all cases (e.g. a student repeating 1 x 2.5 credit exam will be charged €50.00).
  • Upon completion of registration with the Examinations Office, you will subsequently receive an email to your Maynooth University email address from the Fees & Grants Office outlining the repeat exam fee amount due and instructions for payment of same. 
  • If you are repeating on medical grounds, you can submit an Undergraduate Autumn Supplemental Medical/Exceptional Circumstances Assessment Form and forward medical documentation to Joan.oriordan@mu.ie for assessment.

 Fees must be paid online only via Student Web Services (cash, draft or cheque will not be accepted):​

  1. Once logged into Student Web Services - select the Fees & Grants Menu - then choose Repeat Exam Fee Payment.
  2. Enter your card details and the amount due.
  3. Payment Type - choose "Examination Fees" from the drop down menu. 
  4. If payment is successful, you will receive an email receipt to your Maynooth University email address.

Maynooth University Examinations Office website