Please consider these points before your book:

  • Rooms in Student Residences are offered for the full 7 days per week for the full academic year as normal (Licence dates are based on the academic term calender- usually Mid Sept to early June)
  • Consider whether a community environment where shared kitchens and (in some room types) shared bathrooms will meet your needs.
  • Choose your preference of apartment type after you have carefully read the information on the different types of accommodation available and the costs associated to living on campus.
  • All apartments are non-smoking. Therefore smoking is not permitted in the living areas or bedrooms of the apartments, or in the hallways of the buildings. If you smoke, you will have to do so in the open air outside the building
  • We regret that the on-campus accommodation is not a suitable environment for families and children, and so no children can be accommodated (under 17yrs)
  • Over night guests are not permitted and occasional day time guest are permitted with permission of the other residents. Residents should be conscious of the impact of visitors on their housemates and should ensure not to monopolise communal areas.
  • Diversity: Apartments are mixed and you can expect to live with or near students of any gender, any nationality, any age, any course and at any stage of their course. However we make the effort to allocate rooms according to student categories as far is possible so most rooms for postgraduates are together.
  • Some students may wish to live on campus because of the impact of a medical, welfare or mobility issue.  Further details for students is available here.  
  • Do your financial planning, taking into account that you are charged for 7 days a week for the full academic year.
  • We accept payment by bank card online directly to your accommodation account only. Payment dates and rates  ​
  • Read the Booking Terms and Conditions and your Licence to Reside, in advance of booking and make sure you do your e-induction before you arrive.
  • Once your Licence to Reside commences (the date of commencement will be on your Confirmation of Booking email and your Licence to Reside), the occupancy period is a fixed term for which you are liable for rent for the full period. If you decide to vacate your room early, we will try to re-licence your room to another student and any surplus rent paid once that student’s licence commences will be refunded to you (this may not always be possible depending on the time of year and demand for rooms). You will be liable for the rent up until such a time as the room is relicenced. The booking Fee is non-refundable in all cases.
  • There is no availability of Summertime accommodation in Student Residences so if you need year round accommodation it is best to seek that in the Private Rented market. Once your Licence to Reside expires in early June you are expected to vacate the room.