How to complete the Accommodation Booking Form

As part of any application for on campus accommodation, you will be asked to complete a booking form online. Paper applications or email forms are not accepted. 


The application links will be available in the Booking Links Space

  • Only eligible students may apply. Bookings from ineligible students will be cancelled.
  • In advance, review the Sample Application Form (Form will be available prior to applications opening).
  • Have your Student numbe (or CAO Number), your date of birth and your email address to hand.
  • Take your time as it is very important that you fill the form accurately. Wrong, missing or inaccurate data can delay or invalidate your application and result in you not being offered a room or your booking being missed or canceled.
  • Read information about Rooms, so that you can consider your preference and have a decision made. 
  • Think about your budget and get information about Rates  and costs that are involved
  • Make sure that your email inbox can accept an email from - you may wish to add us to your contacts and make sure there is sufficient space to allow you to receive emails. Email is the primary means by which we will contact you.
  • Make sure you have good internet conectivity and that you use either a laptop or desktop device ( phone and tablet devices are less reliable for this purpose)

You will have made a valid booking if you pay your non refundable booking fee, you are eligible for that room offering and you comply with the booking terms and conditions. To accept your booking you need to complete your address and other details in your online accommodation account the next day after the booking is made. To retain your room booking you need to fullfil the next steps including a) paying your accommodation fees and any other payments on time and in full b) remain eligible for the room offering and c) continue to comply with the booking terms and conditions.  Your booking confirmation email and other emails from the Residence Officer will set out these steps again for you.

 In some specific cases there are additional requirements for example if you are applying for the Scéim or a Sports Scholarship there is an interview.  Students who require a room on campus due to the impact of a disability also have a separate process as do St Patrick's College Students who are asked to fill in an expression of interest form. Please make sure that you complete all aspects of the process that applies to your specific circumstances.