Making an Application for a Research Master's or PhD programme

Applying for a PhD or Research Masters Programme
When applying for a PhD or Research Masters programme, applicants should contact the Department where they wish to study before they apply on PAC. Please review the Research programmes at  Maynooth University  for contact details in each Department or Research Institute. Often the applicant will be asked to submit a research proposal to the Department in order to be considered. An interview may also be required as part of the application process. When the applicant has confirmed with the Department that they will be accepted as a new PhD or new Research Masters student, they should then apply on: to formalise the application and acceptance process. 

In the case of non-Maynooth University applicants the following documentation should be uploaded to their PAC online application:

  • Copy of birth certificate or valid passport.
  • Official University Academic Transcripts which include name, title of degree, date of conferring and the name of degree awarding body.
  • Non-Maynooth University applicants who are currently completing undergraduate/postgraduate programmes and have not as yet completed final exams should submit certified copies of academic transcripts with details of subjects studied and results to date as soon as possible after applying online.
  • Final results and the proposed date of conferring should be submitted as soon as they become available.  Maynooth University reserves the right to request to see original transcripts in order to verify the authenticity of transcripts.
  • Two referees reports (addressing their potential for postgraduate study).   If candidates have graduated some years ago and are unable to get an academic reference, a professional reference may suffice.•

Please note that documents, other than those in Irish, English or Latin, must be accompanied by an official translation into English.

The PAC Application Process:

The steps involved in the PAC online application process are outlined in the 'Making an Application' section. If you have any questions regarding making an application, please contact the following services: 

Requests for assistance from EU or all  Maynooth University  graduates should be made to:

Graduate Studies Office
Tel: + 353 (1) 708 6020

Requests for assistance from NON-EU applicants should be made to:

International Office
Tel: + 353 1 708 3386