Tackling Educational Disadvantage

At  Maynooth University  you will receive an outstanding university education, the best available in Ireland. An important part of an outstanding university education is a diverse student body and ensuring all students have a fair and equal opportunity to progress to  Maynooth University  is one of the university's strategic goals.  

The Maynooth University Access Programme (MAP) provides a number of initiatives to increase the participation rate of those whose social, economic and educational experiences have prevented them from realising their full educational potential.

MAP participates in the Higher Education Access Route and provides a number of places to students on every single  Maynooth University  course who meet the HEAR criteria, but have not met the leaving certificate points. Each year there are over 200 students who enter  Maynooth University  through HEAR.  Find out how you apply to HEAR and the supports available to HEAR students at  Maynooth University. 

MAP has a strong school and community outreach programme which works with young people and families to increase the number of students who complete their second level studies to the best of their ability and proceed to third level education.