Applicants with an EU, EFTA, UK qualification other than the Irish Leaving Certificate.

COVID-19 Update:
For any examinations/qualifications which are normally recognised, we will continue to accept such results, provided they are formally issued by the examining bodies, in accordance with the normal timelines for admission. 

However, we will keep the situation under review and if there is a significant difference in grade distribution relative to Leaving Certificate results, we reserve the right to implement a system of proportionality.

Click here for details of the equivalent minimum university and course requirements for your EU/EFTA qualification

UK Applicants
In the period of uncertainty following the recent UK referendum to leave the European Union, the Irish universities collectively wish to reassure all UK students currently enrolled in an Irish university that they will continue to enjoy the same conditions as other EU students regarding fees and contributions, for the duration of their degree.
In the context of Brexit, the Irish universities wish to reaffirm their desire to encourage student mobility between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and particularly with Northern Ireland.

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