MH502 is one degree (with options/pathways in first year). It can therefore be entered only once in a CAO application. You choose a stream within that degree when you start in September.
As a graduate of our law programmes you will be in a position to apply for entry to professional training, either by sitting the Law Society FE1 examinations for entry to the solicitors’ profession or the King’s Inns Barrister-at-Law Degree entrance examination for entry to the barristers’ profession.

Choose from the following four BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law) options (you can change your mind during the first few weeks once you meet the entry requirements for your chosen stream).

MH502 LWA: BCL (Law and Accounting)
MH502 LWB: BCL (Law and Business)
MH502 LWC: BCL (Law and Criminology)
MH502 LWD: BCL (Law and Arts)

You can choose Open choice to all degree streams (OPC) on your CAO application and decide on your preferred degree stream following admission. You must meet the minimum entry requirements for your preferred stream.

Also consider our Bachelor of Arts degree which provides a pathway into these degrees at the end of first year.
MH101 Bachelor of Arts