QQI courses linked to our degrees

Any QQI award (at level 5 or 6), with a minimum of five distinctions, fulfills the minimum entry requirements for admission to Maynooth University - this means the applicant is eligible for consideration for a place at the University. However, due to the high demand for our courses, a higher number of distinctions is required for entry in many instances (typically at least 8 distinctions).

Applicants should first check that they fulfil the requirements for the particular course they wish to apply for, as detailed below. It is important to note that only very specific QQI course codes qualify for entry to each individual degree programme. Please refer to the tabs below for details of these course codes.

Similar to the Leaving Certificate applicants, QQI applicants are ranked on the basis of the points they have achieved in their QQI award. 

The following rules apply:

  • A major award must be achieved. Component certificates do not suffice.
  • In some instances the University requires achievement of specific grades, and/or specified components e.g. five distinctions, including a distinction in Mathematics or Statistics.
  • While the major award may be achieved over a number of sittings, for scoring purposes, results achieved in a SINGLE SITTING are counted, i.e. between 1st August – 31st July. Where this occurs, but the QQI centre offers the program over more than one year, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their QQI centre applies to QQI for a major award where courses are taken over more than one year.

The best score for each applicant is calculated and the results are forwarded to the CAO in July of each year.
You can calculate your score using the free online points calculator at www.careersportal.ie/qqi. This is based on the following scoring system:
Each level 5 and level 6 component is scored:
> 3.25 for a Distinction
> 2.16 for a Merit
> 1.08 for a Pass

This number is then multiplied by the individual component credit value to a maximum of 120 credits (a total of 390 points).
It may be easiest to multiply the individual component credit value by 3 for Distinction, 2 for Merit, and 1 for Pass, multiplying by 13 and dividing by 12. The maximum number of QQI points is 390.
The scoring is applied by the CAO. For the most current list of linked awards and specialised components visit our website. You will also find other information in relation to QQI entry pathways.
Changes made to those listed below will be implemented in the next admissions cycle, through the CAO, where possible.
Please Note: some degree programmes have additional minimum entry requirements.