What is a restricted-application course?  

Certain level 8 degrees are restricted-application courses. They have early assessment procedures.

MU restricted-application courses are:

  • MH103 B Mus Bachelor of Music 

  • MH116 BSocSc Community and Youth Work (full-time) 

  • MH802 BSocSc Community and Youth Work (part-time) 

An application for a restricted-application course will not be considered unless it has been included among your original course choices by 1st February.
Restricted courses must be added before the February 1st deadline and may not be added during the Change of Mind period. These must be included in your list of course choices before the February 1st deadline.
It has been added to your existing application not later than the final date for correction of errors or omissions (see the CAO website). This date is normally 1st March and it is your responsibility to ensure that any restricted-application courses are present and correct by that date.

Restricted-application courses which are included in Late Applications are invalid choices and will not be considered.

The University will use the e-mail address you registered with the CAO for most communication in relation to your application. Please check your e-mail regularly for updates from the University, including your spam folder. In some cases, there may be deadlines for the return of submissions from you, which may form an important component in the assessment of your application. 

If you change your e-mail you should advise admissions@mu.ie and the relevant academic department that is considering your application.

Applicants with a disability can apply for examination supports for MH116/MH802 Community & Youth Work before 15 March - see the steps below.  (No exam supports are required for the MH103 Music Online Video Audition).