Edgar Zacharjev

Director, Demand Generation & Business Development
BA - Multimedia

My time in Maynooth, has always been a time I cherished. A place where I got to mature, learn new skills, and meet some wonderful friends that I am close to to this day. 

I enjoyed my clubs and societies, during my time in Maynooth I was part of the football club, I was elected class president in first year, and served as Returning Officer during the student elections.

Maynooth is very special, not only does it give you all the tools to be successful, the whole university has a family feel to it. You are not going to Maynooth to just learn new skills, you are going to Maynooth to make lifelong connections.

I learned a lot of valuable skills in Maynooth, that have helped me shape my career. I learned how to open my mind to new ideas, crucial skills in media, video editing, and overall digital media that helped me understand all aspects of the funnel when creating marketing programs. I learned human behavior tendencies in my anthropology modules, which helped me understand customers and prospects and to tailor better messaging. Having this knowledge and understanding in both the backend creation to campaigns, website and human behaviour, helped me progress my career quickly.

On top of that, something unique that I managed to do while at Maynooth, was using my media skills, to launch a community project called Mantra TV. It grew in popularity over the two years of production where we interviewed students.

I could not recommend Maynooth enough, a great starting point to learning the skills you desire, trying new, different things with all of the vast clubs and societies, and making lifelong friends.

After my graduation, I worked as a freelance video producer and digital marketing advisor. This is where my attention was drawn to digital marketing.  Shortly after I got a job with a marketing agency called DMCM, where I picked up a lot of crucial skills and managed big accounts like 3 Ireland, Seat Ireland and Aviva. Following that, I took up a new position at a promising start-up called Pulseway, as a Digital Marketing Manager. The company grew to have over 100,000 users world-wide. During this journey, I was promoted multiple times.  I am now serving as a Director, Demand Generation & Business Development.  I look after all aspects of growth, and manage a team of 10 direct reports. All in the space of seven years after my graduation.

Becoming a manager and a director, with 10 direct reports and managing an annual budget of  €5,000,000.

Leading the business development team to discover and close new opportunities, and leading the marketing team that generates the demand for the company. In addition, I am part of the leadership team that decides on new initiatives and where the company should focus.

Hitting revenue and lead targets.