Diploma Supplement

What is the Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement is a document issued to graduates of higher education institutions and it provides a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were pursued and completed. It contains the following:

  1. information identifying the holder of the qualification
  2. information identifying the qualification
  3. information on the level of the qualification
  4. information on the contents and results gained
  5. information on the function of the qualification
  6. additional information
  7. certification of the supplement
  8. information on the national higher education system.

What it is not

The Diploma Supplement does not replace the official Degree Parchment or Transcript of Academic Records issued by Maynooth University. It does not guarantee recognition of the qualification.

What is the purpose of the Diploma Supplement?

The purpose of the Diploma Supplement is to make the degree/diploma qualification more easily understood, especially for employers and institutions outside the issuing country.
The Diploma Supplement was developed jointly by UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

How do I receive my Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement is available to Maynooth University diploma and degree graduates. If you wish to request a Diploma Supplement, please contact the Conferring Office at graduation@mu.ie. Note that the Diploma Supplement can only be issued 6 weeks after the release of results

What can I do if I have lost/mislaid my Diploma Supplement?

Your Diploma Supplement can be re-issued for a fee, You can contact the Conferring Office directly at graduation@mu.ie.

Further information

Further information on the Diploma Supplement is available at the following links:
European Commission Website
Europass Website
Further information on the National Framework of Qualifications is available on the Quality and Qualifications Ireland website.​