Mark Kavanagh

Post-primary teacher in English, CSPE and Wellbeing
Westmeath, Ireland
Teaching and education
BA (English, History and Sociology)
MA (Television and Radio Production), Professional Master of Education (PME - English and History)

The care and commitment of lecturers in ensuring students excel in each module. The lifelong friendships I have developed with other students within my course.

Maynooth University Soccer Club.

The community of lecturers and students within the campus of Maynooth University. The lecturers are very kind and always helpful. Students want to help each other to succeed and reach their full potential in a collaborative and supportive manner. Maynooth itself is a lovely village and the campus grounds make it an incredible place to study. 

The ability to plan lessons, communicate effectively and empower my students. 

Do not be afraid to ask for help when needed. The lecturers, administrative staff, and students are exceptional.