Tim Keenan

Sustainability & ESG Analyst
KPMG Sustainable Futures
Dublin, Ireland
Environment and natural resources
BA (International - Geography Single Honours)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Geography at Maynooth University. A highlight of my time here would have to be the 2nd year overseas field trip to Lanzarote where we spent five days studying the physical and human aspects of the volcanic island. 

Maynooth was unique for me as I commuted daily from Dublin City. I enjoyed spending time on campus and meeting people from various different parts of Ireland who studied a variety of courses. The Geography Department was quite unique in the range of modules available to me, particularly in final year. The modules covered almost all aspects of physical and human geography, from global foodscapes and oceanography to palaeoecology and climatology - there is a module to meet the interests of most environmental enthusiasts.

A key skill I learned at Maynooth University was how geography and environmental knowledge is an interdisciplinary topic. This became particulary clear when I worked on my final year thesis on the topic of microplastics. This involved establishing connections with both the biology and chemistry departments to make use of laboratories and support from PhD students.

I would highly recommend my degree as it has opened many doors for me, both in terms of further studies and my career path. My degree has also been great for networking and I have received guidance from many of the expert academic staff. From the knowledge and skills I developed at Maynooth University, I was able to apply and study a Masters in Environmental Sciences in Trinity College Dublin, where I further developed my understanding of the natural environment.