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MU Student Experience (MUSE) Award
The MUSE Awards recognise and reward student contribution to extra-curricular and co-curricular activity and present distinctive MU students and future graduates to employers.
The Summer Programme for Undergraduate Research offers MU students the opportunity to secure a six-week paid summer research placement, across a range of disciplines.
Alumni Mentoring
The MU Alumni Mentoring programme supports the development of student preparedness for work, life and engaged citizenship through informed career insights and empowering students to achieve their career aims.
Students can upskill for the future with our professional development and employability electives, MU Forage virtual work experience insights and upskill pathways and resources on MU FutureConnect. 
Project Live
Project Live is a collaboration between external stakeholders, academics and students and is concerned with the enhancement of teaching and learning using community engaged and work-related learning principles and practices. 
MU Micro Internships offers valuable professional experience outside the traditional placement cycle for Maynooth University Students, whilst enabling organisations to quickly access a diverse pool of talent.
Research Live
Research Live is a partnership between external stakeholders, academics/departments and students undertaking individual or group research projects that increase the knowledge of key issues affecting community and industry partners, enabling change.
Employability Pathways
Students can become career ready with our employability pathways, learning to master their CV, excelling at video interviews and more.