Experience more to complement your degree and future-proof your career!

The routes available to Maynooth students to experience more from their degree programme are diverse, enabling the development of rich learning experiences that connect classroom content with real-world experience.

The Experiential Learning Office through its MU Future Ready initiative connects Maynooth students to a range of opportunities that enable them to discover their purpose, build the necessary skills, experience, and network to pursue it; and develop employability knowledge and connections to realise it. Explore the Grid Boxes above to discover the programmes you can get involved in. We also have a wide range of Tools free to use, find out more below.


Tools to Empower You to Become Future Ready
These can all be accessed via the "Resources" section on MU FutureConnect
CareerSet is Maynooth University's online CV checker. Students can upload existing CVs and receive instant personalised feedback 24/7, 365 days a year from any location. You can also re-submit your CV as many times as you like to keep improving score.  MU FutureConnect is Maynooth University's online careers and employability portal enabling you to engage with our programmes, resources, and opportunities. 
Forage is Maynooth University’s virtual work experience platform that offers opportunities across a variety of sectors. They typically take 4 – 8 hours to complete and are great if you are interested in getting insight into a particular sector / role. ShortListMe is Maynooth University’s simulated interview platform where students can practice interview questions, reflect on their progress, and receive AI feedback on pace of voice, use of crutch words and more!