A varied and diverse experience, this four-year degree prepares students to teach within primary schools where children are exposed to a broad curriculum. As the Department is named after the famous educational philosopher, Friedrich Froebel, our programmes reflect his ideology by incorporating active, student-centric approaches to our teaching.
The programme requires students to be reflective and to blend theory with practice through a combination of university-based learning and school placement. Students who join this degree need to have a keen interest in making a difference in the lives of children and possess a deep desire to inspire children towards becoming active and independent agents of their own learning.
Suitable students usually possess excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills and are committed to becoming highly creative, dynamic and dedicated teaching professionals.
Choose this option if you are interested in
–– studying the range of knowledge and skills related to the profession of primary school teaching and its curriculum;
–– qualifying as a primary school teaching professional;
–– the methodologies of primary school teaching;
–– taking an exciting range of modules.
Please note: H4 Irish or equivalent is required for all applicants to this programme - irrespective of the qualifications they are presenting as a basis for admission