The Department of Geography Seminar Series 2023_2024

Seminars are held in the Rocque Lab, on the ground floor of Rhetoric House and are open to all unless specifically stated otherwise.  

October 4th Professor David Wilson, Department of Geography, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign @ 2-3.30 pm -"Toward a Dracula Urbanism: Smart City Mania"
November 9th Professor Niamh Moore-Cherry, University of Dublin - @ 3.45 pm - 4.50 pm-The IGU Dublin 2024 Meeting: "Progressing Irish Geography within a Global & Local Context"
December 7th Dr Rory Rowan, Trinity College Dublin  - @ 1-2 pm - Geographies of Outer Space - "Building Markets for Extracting 'Space Resources'"
February 8th Neil McInroy, Global Lead for Community Wealth Building, Democracy Collaborative @ 4-5.30 pm - "Building an economy for people, place & planet"
March 7th Dr Martina Roche and Dr Noirín MacNamara, Maynooth University @ 1-2 pm, "What about HER-SELF?" (Highlighting pathways to Empower Rural Women to have Sustainable & Equitable Livelihoods in Farming) - insights into gendered inequalities in agriculture in Ireland
March 21st Professor Julie Cupples, University of Edinburgh, Annual Athena Swan Lecture @ 4-5.30 pm, "Stop Calling Women Females: Forging gender equality in the midst of neoliberal geoscientization"
April 11th Dr Kate Willett, UK Met Office, @ 1-2 pm, "The Wonderful World of Surface Humidity"
May 9th Postgraduate Mini-Conference @ 12-5 pm

  Department of Geography Seminar Series 2023 2024