Shane McDaniel

English Teacher
BA (Anthropology)

As a mature student I found supports such as the Anthropology Society, greatly beneficial. The society enabled members to share their interest, while meeting like-minded people. There were also plenty of other interesting clubs and societies to join, with some featuring excellent guest speakers.

I was involved with the Anthropology Society for several years. During that time, we won an award for best new society in Ireland.

I found the chilled-out atmosphere of Maynooth great, especially when living on campus. The library was also fantastic.  During breaks from studying I used to go for a nice stroll in the gardens of the seminary, which were located nearby.

Maynooth helped me become a better public speaker, a skill which I use regularly in my role as a teacher. Studying anthropology played a major role in preparing me for the working world and gave me an insight into different cultures.

Anthropology is a very broad subject, with endless possibilities that allow you to further your career prospects. Do research into the course and make sure you pick it for the right reasons.

One of the most interesting aspects of the job is experiencing new ways of teaching and learning. What is challenging is adapting to different cultural norms and dealing with the bureaucracy here in Vietnam.