All accidents/incidents that could have led to an accident and any dangerous occurrences must be reported to the Health and Safety Office without undue delay.  We are obliged to report some instances to our insurers or the Health & Safety Authority, as appropriate.  In order to compile data we would ask that all injuries/accidents should be reported as follows;

1.  Student should report an accident/incident to the Department or Office concerned.
2.  Staff should report an accident/incident to their line supervisor.
3.  Visitor on campus should report and accident/incident to a member of staff or security.

In the event of an emergency where medical attention is required please contact a member of security on (01) 7083929.

The completed accident form should be returned to the Health & Safety Office for review and follow up as necessary.  The   University Accident Report Form   is available for download and printing as an Adobe PDF document.