• Maynooth = Ireland's only university town

  • The perfect destination for you to study abroad

  • Only 20km from Dublin City



Experience The Best Of Both Worlds At Maynooth University

All of us at the International Office in Maynooth University totally understand and appreciate that moving to a new university, new town, and new country is exciting, but not without challenges. While Ireland may have some similiarities to your home country there will undoutedly be many differences that you will be faced with, particularly during your first couple of weeks at Maynooth University. 

Important information sessions will take place during your orientation around student life for international students at Maynooth University and the importance of understanding and adapting to new cultures. These sessions will also be made available online after they have taken place and the International Office staff will also be available to help answer any questions or queries you may have about living in Ireland

Please click on the below tabs as they contain important pieces of practical information that you will need when living in Ireland.

The following websites contain useful information and resources for living in Ireland:

Travelling around Ireland:

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