Welcome to Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology

At the School of Law and Criminology, we are committed to the study of law and criminology in a global context. The increased potential for international elements to any legal issue – from property law to environmental law, from banking law to criminal law, from family law to employment law – has meant that lawyers have to possess skills that transcend one national jurisdiction. We will help you to develop precisely these skills.

The School has a global focus and interdisciplinary approach to research. We prioritise research that involves collaboration with other institutions, nationally and internationally, and with other disciplinary perspectives. We are constantly expanding our collaborative network, building connections with universities at home and abroad, civil society groups, and legal professionals.
Your studies will be guided by staff members who produce internationally-recognised, high-quality research and who will encourage you to reflect on, debate and discuss all of the contemporary issues of law and policy you will encounter.  At the School of Law and Criminology, we aim to produce graduates who will not only have the skills and confidence to thrive in the global economy, but who will also be socially engaged and active citizens.  

The School of Law and Criminology at Maynooth University is a vibrant, dynamic, and exciting place to study and work. We look forward to welcoming you.


Dr Fergus Ryan - Law
Dr Fergus Ryan - Head of the School of Law and Criminology