Research Centre in International Justice 

Established in 2022, the Research Centre in International Justice is hosted by the School of Law and Criminology at Maynooth University. The work of the Centre focuses, in particular, on issues of equality, social inclusion and human rights protection at the international level, and provides insights into how the international legal order works and how it seeks to protect vulnerable groups, including minorities, migrants and peoples with disabilities.  

Numerous members of the School’s staff have extensive teaching and research expertise in the sphere of international justice, which extends across a variety of areas, including international human rights law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law, the rights of minorities and Indigenous peoples, disability law, migration and refugee law etc. Drawing on staff expertise in these areas, the School offers programmes in international justice and international law, i.e., the LLM in International Justice and the LLM in International Law (Blended Learning Offering) and several of the School’s PhD students undertake research in the sphere of international law and justice. 

Affiliated Staff 
Dr Noelle Higgins (Director) 
Dr Amina Adanan 
Dr Rhiannon Bandiera 
Dr Avril Brandon 
Dr Orla Kelleher 
Dr Brid Ni Ghrainne 

Current PhD Students 
Maria Avgeri 
Natasha Bradley-Byrne 
Ciara Finnegan 

Research Centre Contact:
Dr. Noelle Higgins, 


International Justice Seminar Series: 

Upcoming Events 

‘Outer Space: A Contested Environment’, Ciara Finnegan, Maynooth University and Lauren Napier, Northumbria University.

When: May 4th 2023, 3-5 pm,
Where: SE235, School of Education, Maynooth University.

Lecture Summary:

Outer Space, while recognised in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty as being reserved for “peaceful purposes”, is nevertheless a militarised environment. This environment has also become more crowded in recent times, with satellite constellations, the increasing amount of space debris, the activities of private space actors and future prospects, such as the Artemis Mission to the Moon and private space tourism. Thus, Outer Space is home to a crowd of competing interests, adding tension to an already militarised environment, and the risk of tension rising to the extent that an armed conflict will occur and IHL will apply grows ever nearer. In this seminar, Lauren and Ciara will discuss the intersection of International Space Law with International Humanitarian Law and how this could apply to the contested environment of Outer Space. All Maynooth University & Northumbria University students are welcome to attend!


Past Events



Dr Gerard Maguire

Indigenous Peoples in the Americas. Case Study: the Residential School System in Canada’, April 20th, 2023.

Dr Jean Molloy

‘Quasi-Sovereignty and the Making of Minorities’, March 30th, 2023.

Prof Mohamed Elewa Badar

‘Recent Developments in Universal Jurisdiction: The Case of Hamid Noury before Swedish Courts’, Prof Mohamed Elewa Badar, Northumbria University, April 27th, 2023.