Access Earth
A peer-review platform that allows you to find and rate buildings by its ease of access with different mobility aids cycle costs 
A cell engineering technology business, enabling the manufacture of cell therapies 
Beauty Buddy
A progressive web platform that allows consumers find relevant beauty or cosmetic product information from its barcode and peer-review feedback
A data platform that enables you to make informed business decisions based on realtime, accurate aerial data
is a wireless sensor technology company that takes the guesswork and legwork out of finding workplace assets; boosting operational efficiency and safety 
Seahorse BCR Data Management
is an Irish software technology and data management company
Improves healthcare delivery to patients and clinics by making it easy to book outpatient services 
Enables creators of live entertainment events to gain business benefits from next-generation secure paperless ticket fulfilment 
Moving the emphasis in Pharmaceutical life science, health and nutrition organisations from single source data, to a more enhanced model of care and evaluation with continuous data collection