Dr. Irene Mosca awarded Novartis prize for Health Economics at the 2022 Irish Economics Association meetings.

Monday, May 9, 2022 - 10:30

Congratulations to Dr. Irene Mosca, who was awarded the Novartis prize for best Health Economics paper at the 2022 Irish Economics Association Conference. Irene's work focuses on the area of health and labour economics and her prize-winning paper paper with Dr.Anne Nolan looked at the the impact of the rubella outbreak in Ireland on those in utero at the time. Matching the outcomes of individuals born in 1955 to 1958 who are in the 2016 Irish Census to the county-level rubella incidence rate that was prevailing when respondents were in utero, they find that a 1% increase in the rubella incidence rate when in utero is associated with a 0.03% to 0.17% increase in the probability of having lower levels of educational attainment, being in poor health and having a disability in later life.

A copy of the paper is available here.