Qualification : MICRO-CREDENTIAL (9)

Award Type and NFQ level : MICRO-CREDENTIAL

CAO/PAC code : MMC46;MMC47

CAO Points :

Closing Date : 29 July 2024

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This 2-week intensive programme is a course of learning through the medium of English, for specific academic purposes, for academic staff working and teaching in Higher Education. The emphasis of this course is on Academic English language usage, especially in its written form, within the field of EMI/EME in Higher Education.

The module will highlight the importance of possessing an advanced level of English language proficiency for academic staff, especially when participating in or delivering a programme through EMI/EME. Participants will discuss this importance through their shared experiences of using English in an academic setting and how it has contributed to their professional development to date.

The module uses immersive methods of language instruction, contextual usage, academically focussed discussion and practical application of key functional academic terms and lexis for both instruction and practical writing tasks. Through instruction, analysis of exemplars and practice, participants will not only recognise what constitutes good academic style in English language use in an EMI/EME context of learning but also analyse their own writing style, identifying any problematic areas and seeking to improve these using knowledge and skills gained from the module.

All lexis utilised for instruction on this module is academic in style and aligns closely with the Academic Word List (AWL). In terms of its form and function, it corresponds to authentic language usage across a variety of contexts in today’s Higher Education EMI/EME environment. This will provide successful participants with the linguistic knowledge and skills to progress their competency in using Academic English for professional purposes in Higher Education.

The programme level is set at CEFR B2.2.

Applicants should hold at a minimum NFQ Level 8 (or equivalent) Honours degree in a relevant discipline.

Applicants with relevant and sufficient professional experience and/or other formal education are also welcome to apply via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Visit the RPL webpage for further information and to complete the RPL Application form.

Minimum English language requirements: For more information on the minimum English language requirements for non-native speakers, please see link to Maynooth University’s Micro-credentials Entry Requirements.

In addition to the requirements listed above, all entrants should possess an English language level of CEFR B2.2 

This two-week intensive programme is a course of learning through the medium of English, for specific academic purposes, for academic faculty working and teaching in Higher Education.

Degree programmes utilising EMI/EME are becoming increasingly popular within EU Higher Education institutions. However, academic staff, while experts in their own fields, may experience linguistic challenges in delivering their content through the medium of English, in both verbal and written forms.

The focus in ESAP2 is firmly on the English language, rather than teaching and learning pedagogy, and participants will experience authentic Academic English and learn how it is used by academic teaching staff within Higher Education studies for a variety of purposes. These include lectures, feedback, task instruction, assessment design, formal emails, presentation delivery, and academic writing style, including the language of research, which will form a major part of the module.

Each day’s instruction will begin with a discussion on one of the key topics (above) from the module, which will allow participants to share their own experience, knowledge and ideas in these important areas of academic writing in Higher Education. Discussion will be followed by the input (instruction) stage, using a variety of modes, e.g. lecture, PowerPoint, MP4s and PDFs. Participants will then actively apply their learning in a variety of individual and group tasks. Finally, each class session will conclude with a summary of content covered, highlighting the most useful Academic English lexis and metalanguage. A Q&A session will also be included.

Due to the nature of the module, participants should be aware that a significant amount of time will be devoted daily to in-class writing tasks, on which feedback will be received.

The programme level is set at CEFR B2.2.

Course Duration: 2 weeks

The ESAP 2 micro-credential will support academic staff to more effectively deliver content within their specialised subject areas through the medium of English language and in an appropriate academic style.

Online application only 

PAC Code: MMC46

The following documents should be uploaded to your online application form:

  • Valid passport / passport card OR birth certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate (for students who wish to register in their married name).
  • Official University Degree Parchment or Transcript (if applying with a qualification). In such cases, the Transcript / Parchment must include full name, name of the qualification, conferring date and name of awarding body.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application form (if applying as a professional with relevant experience)

Note: failure to provide all necessary documents will result in a delay to your application being processed.

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