Dr Maeve O'Brien

Ancient Classics

Lecturer / Assistant Professor

Arts Building
(01) 708 3807


Maeve O’Brien was born in Galway, Republic of Ireland. She was educated in Salerno Secondary School, Salthill, Galway and in NUI Galway and Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, USA. She took up a permanent teaching post at Maynooth in 1991.


Year Publication
2002 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2002) Apuleius’ Debt to Plato in the Metamorphoses. : The Edwin Mellen Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2011 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2011) '‘larvale simulacrum: Platonic Socrates and the Persona of Socrates in Apuleius, Metamorphoses 1,1-19’' In: Echoing Narratives: Studies of Intertextuality in Greek and Roman Prose Fiction: Ancient Narrative Supplementum 13. : Barkhuis Publishing and Groningen University library. [Full-Text]
2009 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2009) ''Apuleius, the Philosopher?' In: Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society 2009. [Full-Text]
2006 Dr Maeve O'Brien and James, P. (2006) 'To Baldly Go: A Last look at Lucius and his Counter-Humiliation Strategies' In: W.H.Keulen, R.R. Nauta and S. Panayotakis(Eds.). Lectiones Scrupulosae: Essays on the Text and Interpretation of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses in honour of Maaike Zimmerman. : Groningen.
2004 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2004) 'Thelyphron the ‘weak-minded’ or what’s in a name?' In: M. Zimmerman and R. van der Paardt(Eds.). Metamorphic Reflections: Essays presented to Ben Hijmans on his 75th birthday. : Peeters: Leuven.
2001 Dr. Maeve O'Brien (2001) 'Seneca's hint of political dissidence' In: Eklogai. : Maynooth.
1998 Dr Maeve O'Brien (1998) 'For every tatter in its mortal dress: Love, the Soul and her Sisters' In: M. Zimmerman(Eds.). Aspects of Apuleius' Golden Ass, Volume II: Cupid and Psyche. : Groningen.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2006 O'Brien, M. (2006) 'Happier Transports To Be: Catullus' Poem 4: Phaselus Ille'. Classics Ireland, 13 :59-75. [Full-Text]
1991 Dr Maeve O'Brien (1991) 'Apuleius and the concept of a philosophical rhetoric'. 151 :39-50. [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2004 Dr Maeve O'Brien and Dr Maureen Alden (Queen's University, Belfast) (2004) 15/10/2004-16/10/2004.
2001 (2001) Philosophy Seminar Faculty of Philosophy, Maynooth, 10/01/2001-10/01/2001.

Book Review

Year Publication
2008 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2008) Review of K Freudenburg (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Roman Satire, Cambridge: University Press. 2005. Pp.xvi + 352. BREV [Full-Text]
2008 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2008) Review of J.H. Gaisser, Oxford Readings in Classical Studies: Catullus, Oxford University Press 2007. Pp. 616. BREV [Full-Text]
2008 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2008) Review of R.R.Nauta (ed.) Desultoria Scientia. Genre in Apuleius Metamorphoses and Related Texts. (Caeculus 5.) Pp. X + 121. Leuven, Paris and Dudley, MA: Peeters 2006. BREV [Full-Text]
2006 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2006) Review of M. Zimmerman, S.Panayotakis, V.C.Hunink, W.H.Keulen, S.J.Harrison, Th.D. McCreight, B.Wesseling, D. Van Mal-Maeder (eds.), Apuleius Madaurensis. Metamorphoses books iv 28-35, v and vi 1-24. The Tale of Cupid and Psyche. text, introduction and commentary. Groningen: Egbert Forsten 2004. Pp. 596. BREV [Full-Text]
2006 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2006) Review of J.M.Dillon, Salt and Olives: Morality and Custom in Ancient Greece, Edinburgh 2004. Pp. xvii + 217. BREV
2006 Dr Maeve O'Brien (2006) Review of G. Jensson, The Recollections of Encolpius: the Satyrica of Petronius as Milesian Fiction (AN Supplementum 2), Groningen: Barkhuis, 2004. Pp. xii + 327. BREV [Full-Text]
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