Eva Barrett Awarded the Willoughby Prize

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 00:00

Congratulations to Eva Barrett, Lecturer at Maynooth University Department of Law, who was recently awarded the Willoughby Prize for ‘article of outstanding merit’ from the Energy, Petroleum, Mineral and Natural Resources Law & Policy Education Trust for her article Through the Looking Glass: Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the EU and the US – Blood Brothers Separated at Birth Both Facing the Heat’, published in the International Bar Association’s Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law, 31 JERL 287 [2013].
The Willoughby Prize is an international prize awarded annually to the author(s) of an article of outstanding merit, published during the year in the Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law; the winner is determined by the Trustees and Herbert Smith LLP and is in memory of Geoffrey Willoughby (1936–1989), one of the leading contributors to the development of energy law in the UK.