MU Sociology is cutting edge in social movements research with new handbook

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 - 10:15

Three MU Sociology-linked researchers have just co-edited the first handbook of research methods for social movements in a decade. Anna Szolucha who did her PhD in the Dept is now Principal Investigator at Jagiellonian University (Poland) on a project researching the anthropology of today’s space exploration. Alberto Arribas Lozano was a post-doc in the Dept and is now Maria Zambrano Fellow at Complutense University (Spain). Together with Prof Laurence Cox of Maynooth University Sociology Department, and Sutapa Chattopadhyay of St Francis Xavier University (Canada) they have co-edited 32 chapters with 49 contributors from all 5 continents.
The handbook highlights engaged as well as conventional research; is decolonising (the first such book to give the global South as much attention as the global North); and is deliberately written for accessibility and inclusiveness, geared to newcomers as well as experienced researchers, movement-based researchers as well as academics, and non-native speakers and mature learners as well as traditional students. It continues Maynooth’s long tradition of engagement in popular struggles for social transformation. There will be a global online launch on April 24 and an in-person event in Maynooth on May 16.
The introduction is available free here.