Spotlight on Research

basketball  on a wooden floor

Why being good at basketball is all about the brain

With its rapid movement and high-scoring potential basketball is the ideal sport for neuroscientists to study writes Kalyn Potter, Department of Psychology

Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Footballer Lionel Messi at the PSG ground

How to read Messi

With Messi back in the headlines, to understand the player we need to pay attention to the narratives around his persona and soccer culture in Argentina, writes Dr David Conlon, School of Modern Languages

Tuesday, 06 June 2023

image of womens hands holding prison bars

The role of religious personnel in women's prisons

Religious personnel were once pivotal in the operation of criminal justice in prisons, but the role has undergone a striking evolution of late writes, Dr Lynsey Black, School of Law and Criminology

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

black and white image of a jaunting car in the rains from 1835

What 19th century travel guides had to say about Ireland

Travel reviews and reports from that period provide insights into Irish society, culture and 'people drinking whiskey, porter and punch', writes Catherine Ahearne, Special Collections and Archives

Thursday, 25 May 2023

Graphic image of person in a virtual reality headset

Why VR technology needs to be accessible for people with disabilities

By considering the needs of people with disabilities in the design of VR-based tourism, the industry can create a welcoming and empowering environment for all, writes Dr Rehan Iftikhar, School of Business

Thursday, 18 May 2023

the power of brand

Will brands and businesses take a side on protests and activism?

People are increasingly turning to what they buy and consume to make a stance on socio-political issues that matter to them, writes Dr Max Yu, School of Business

Thursday, 11 May 2023

10 Irish pioneers who've helped find out how our brains work

Ireland had an abundance of head injuries a couple of hundred years ago which made it a good place to study how our brains work, write Profs Seán Commins and Richard Roche, Department of Psychology

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

teenagers using mobile phones

Help, my child is now a teenager – what do I do?

As challenging as it is to be a teenager, it's equally so for parents as all grapple with new roles and responsibilities, writes Aidan Farrelly, Department of Applied Social Studies

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Will cinemas and streaming services be able to co-exist?

Following Netflix’s announcement to shut down its DVD rental service we need to ‘watch’ this space closely, writes Dr Adele Smith-Auchmuty and Aaron Delahunt, School of Business

Thursday, 20 April 2023

How Joe Biden's Irish ancestor saved thousands of lives during the Famine

Edward Blewitt's public work schemes in Co Mayo contributed to the survival of thousands of people and altered the county's landscape, writes Dr Ciarán Reilly, Department of History

Friday, 14 April 2023