Spotlight on Research

Maynooth University - Early Irish - Old script

What do we really know about the early Irish Church?

Identifying the beliefs, customs, practices and rituals of the medieval Church.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Chemistry - Jennifer McManus computer  - Maynooth university

Exploring the mysteries of protein self-assembly and malfunction

Dr Jennifer McManus seeks to pare back the mysteries of protein self-assembly and malfunction. Her insights have relevance from Alzheimer’s disease to the Ebola virus, from new drugs to baby formula.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spotlight on research student in lab - Maynooth University

Maths and Science: Using assessment to improve teaching and learning

FaSMEd – Improving Progress through Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education – will improve classroom interactions, supporting teachers in helping their students to learn more science and maths; to get better at and feel more confident about these subjects.

Friday, 09 January 2015

Communications - Sustainability Spotlight John Cullen News - Maynooth University

Sustainability - the belief system behind 21st century business success?

The language of the corporate world is changing, driven by deep-seated personal beliefs which are increasingly affecting corporate behaviour

Thursday, 04 December 2014

The Culture of Motherhood

Maynooth University researchers probe to see if there is a link between low German birthrates and modern media influences

Wednesday, 08 October 2014

Communications and Marketing - Creidhe project - Maynooth University

What can we learn from measuring the temperature of space?

Researchers map ‘cool’ space to learn more about the Big Bang

Friday, 08 August 2014

Can African smallholders really have a share in planning their own futures?

Transformative Engagement Network (TEN) project brings the voice of vulnerable smallholder farmers to bear on environmental discourse at the highest levels

Monday, 09 June 2014

A new dawn for polar bear genetics

Analysis of the DNA of Polar bears has discovered that they are a relatively new species that have genetic adaptations that help them to thrive on a high-fat lifestyle, an insight that could eventually have implications for human health.

Friday, 09 May 2014

Top secret military alliance uncovered

New research uncovers the existence of ALCORA, a covert alliance between Portugal, South Africa and Rhodesia, aimed at propping up the apartheid regimes and institutional racism of both African states.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Antropology - Research - HIV business card - Maynooth University

Misfortune and Meaning

Dr Thomas Strong from the Department of Anthropology is interpreting the social dimension of people living with illness.

Monday, 07 April 2014