Qualification : MICRO-CREDENTIAL (9)

Award Type and NFQ level : MICRO-CREDENTIAL

CAO/PAC code : MMC20

CAO Points :

Closing Date : 10 February 2023

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The course aims to equip learners with the necessary scientific knowledge and instrumentation competencies to develop skills relevant to the alcoholic drinks industry. The course was created in response to the strong demand for an analytical course to support the growing Irish craft brewing and whiskey industries.

This course in Brewing & Distilling Science is both co-designed and co-delivered by industry experts. The Department of Chemistry has been analysing Irish whiskies over the past number of years, and this coupled with their engagement with beverage industries provides the perfect platform for the co-creation of a course in Brewing & Distilling (B&D).

This is a focused short course which will provide an overview into the science behind key analytical skills and how to interpret scientific results. This course will run part-time commencing in March 2023 and will last 12 weeks. The lectures will be delivered under a blended approach and there is an opportunity to practice and develop these key skills hands-on in a modern laboratory facility over a 3-day residency at Maynooth University. As part of the course there will be a career development lecture by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling IBD (Irish Section). Upon completion participants will obtain an accredited Certificate in Continuing Education from Maynooth University.

This course is ideal for:

• A new entrant to Brewing & Distilling (B&D) looking to upskill and develop applicable knowledge in quality control and analysis.

•A professional already in the B&D industry who is looking to upskill to enhance their career development.

•A craft brewer or whiskey distiller seeking a quality training opportunity to enhance employee skills.

  • Irish Whiskey, Spirits and brewing Aficionados as private individuals

This course is open to applicants with relevant industrial experience who want to upskill in this field but may not have a primary degree. Applicants should download the application form  HERE be considered on this course.

The course is also open to applicants with a minimum 2.2 grade, honours (level 8) degree in a science background.

Minimum English language requirements: please visit Maynooth University International Office website for information about English language tests accepted and required scores. The requirements specified are applicable for both EU and non- EU applicants.

National University of Ireland Maynooth’s TOEFL code is 8850

Denise Rooney

Head of Department

Department of Chemistry

Department of Human Health Institute

Elisa Fadda


Department of Chemistry

Department of Hamilton Institute

Department of Human Health Institute

This micro-credential course in B&D provides a tailored education programme, merging the technical and scientific aspects of the B&D industry processes. It will equip learners with the necessary scientific knowledge and instrumentation competencies to develop their skills to work in the drinks industry. The course was developed over extensive consultation with industry professionals and will provide:

  • An overview into the science behind key analytical skills used in the B&D industry
  • An understanding of how to interpret scientific results
  • Hands-on opportunities to practice and develop these key skills in a modern laboratory facility.

Combined with workshops, group work, virtual lab simulations, hands-on practical sessions and lectures by academic and industry experts, graduates will be ideally qualified to work in the B&D industry or if already employed in this industry will bring an additional knowledge skill set to enhance their career prospects.  External lecturers on the programme will expertly contribute to the delivery on this industry led introduction to B&D science.

Topics will include:


-              Yeast: Introduction to relevant Analytical Techniques

-              Environment & Sustainability

-              Analysis in Fermentation & raw materials

-              Distillation

-              Sensory analysis & small molecule impact on flavour

-              Quality: Process Control and Clean in Place (CIP)

  • Career Development 

There will a 3-day hands-on experience of analytical techniques applicable to the B&D industry at Maynooth University supervised by highly experienced technical staff. 

Course Duration: 12 weeks, part-time

The world class B&D industry is a very significant contributor to the Irish Economy with products in over 125 markets and exports worth €1.44 billion. It is Ireland’s fastest growing manufacturing sector with a strong presence across the country and it has been predicted that this sector will create 23,000 new jobs by 2025. Currently, there are 38 operational Irish Whiskey distilleries, an estimated 34 Irish gin distilleries and 75 microbreweries in the country compared to 15 breweries and 4 distilleries in 2008. As a result of this rapid growth there is a need to educate and train this growing sector and provide a sound scientific knowledge base and understanding of modern instrumentation techniques. Graduates of the micro-credential will ultimately be able to appreciate, explore and implement the best practice in their own settings, whether this be in production, technical or research work.

Online application only

PAC Code: MMC20


The following documents should be forwarded to PAC, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway or uploaded to your online application form:

Certified copies of all official transcripts of results for all non-Maynooth University qualifications listed MUST accompany the application. Failure to do so will delay your application being processed. Non-Maynooth University students are asked to provide two academic references and a copy of birth certificate or valid passport.

In the absence of a primary degree please provide proof of relevant experience, more information on RPEL at Maynooth University can be found HERE

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