Graduation Today Congratulations

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - 15:15

Congratulations to all our Department of International Development students who graduated today with a Postgradate Diploma or an MA in International Development. The sun shone on us and it was lovely to see so many back here at Maynooth. This year's celebration was particularly special as students successfully completed their programmes despite COVID restrictions. We were, of course, thinking of those who couldn't travel for the ceremony and want to send our congratulations and best wishes to you too. 
At the graduation, Professor Eeva Leinenon, President of Maynooth University, encouraged all of us to play a positive role in creating peace and justice in our world, and she especially remembered the people of Ukraine in these challenging days. With solidarity in our hearts, we extend a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our alumni and friends around the world; best wishes to those in Ukraine and elsewhere who are experiencing war, violence or oppression of any kind; and welcome to all. 
Dr. Eilish Dillon, Head of Department 

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