Elmir Dzilic

Post-Primary Teacher
County Kildare
Teaching and education
BA (History and Geography) 2003
PGDE (History and Geography) 2008

I went to MU for the first time in 2000 and finished my BA degree in 2003. Maynooth was a much smaller place back then.  I remember using a floppy disk to save my work. I enjoyed walking around the campus, the Library and campus life. I found the staff and students supportive and friendly.

Smaller campus, friendly and supportive and on the outskirts of Dublin. There is a rich array of courses to choose from.

I gained wider knowledge of geography, how to work with others, to interact better and to work to deadlines. I will cherish my memories from MU.

I really enjoyed my time in Maynooth, I completed my degree in 2008 and went back in 2008 to do a postgrad course. The campus was great, all services were available, staff were supportive. The location was convenient for me as it is not in Dublin city centre.