Department of Mathematics & Statistics Colloquia 2023/24

Time and Location: All colloquia will take place in MS2, Top Floor, Logic House, South Campus on Wednesdays at 3pm unless otherwise stated.

Colloquium Organiser for the academic year 2023/24: Dr. Ian Banfield



Date Speaker Institution Title
27/09/2023 Professor Stephen Buckley Maynooth University Jacobson Isopotency
04/10/2023 Dr Gabriel Palma Maynooth University Pattern-based prediction of population outbreaks
11/10/2023 Prof. Colm Mulcahy Spelman College The Library of Irish Mathematics
18/10/2023 Professor David Wraith Maynooth University Concordant geometries
25/10/2023 Ms. Hannah Comiskey Trinity College Dublin, ADAPT­ Centre Estimating public and private contraceptive method supply shares at national and subnational administration levels, using Bayesian hierarchical models
08/11/2023 Mr. Lorenzo Putignano University of Florence Combinatorial tales
15/11/2023 Prof. Mikis Stasinopoulos  University of Greenwich Visual tools for distributional regression models
22/11/2023 Dr. Mark Dukes  University College Dublin   Permutation patterns, weak ascent sequences, and related combinatorial structures
29/11/2023 Dr. Mark Walsh Maynooth University Scalar Curvature and Singularities
06/12/2023 Dr. Faustin Adiceam Université Paris-Est Créteil Homogeneous forms inequalities (after Detta Dickinson, Margulis, Sarnak, ...)
13/12/2023 Dr. Myrto Manolaki University College Dublin Approximating everything
Dr. Aaron Tyrrell
Texas Tech University
Renormalized Area of Spherical Catenoids in 5-Dimensional Hyperbolic Space



Dr Philipp Reiser Université de Fribourg
Connected sums and lower curvature bounds


Dr Alexey Korepanov 


Loughborough University


Invariant measures and statistical limit laws in chaotic billiards
21/02/2024 Dr Ronan Egan DCU Hadamard matrices in centraliser algebras of monomial representations
28/02/2024 Dr Deborah Kent St Andrews Mostly in the zone: Mathematics and 19th-century eclipse expeditions  
06/03/2024 Mr Ryan Quinn Utrecht   Localisation theorems in equivariant cohomology
Monday @ 3pm
Dr Stefan Müller UCD Fine-Tuned Language Models in Political Science: Understanding Party and Candidate Communication
10/04/2024 Prof. Jochen Einbeck Durham   On densities, modes, and antimodes
17/04/2024 Dr Helena Šmigoc 
UCD Symmetric Nonnegative Trifactorization Rank
24/04/2024 Dr Tommaso Cremaschi Trinty College Dublin Big and small surfaces and Nielsen-Thurston Classification problems
Monday @ 4pm
Dr George Kinnear University of Edinburgh Exploring the use of example-generation tasks in e-assessment
01/05/2024 Dr Leo Creedon ATU
Derivations of group algebras, and their generalisations as partial algebraic structures
08/05/2024 Dr Liling Ko OSU (Ohio State University) Separating adaptability from disorderliness as randomness notions
15/05/2024 Dr Davide Spriano University of Oxford The Tits alternative in non-positive curvature.